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House for rent

Fixed Fee Possessions

Helping residential landlords regain control of their properties with fixed fee legal services from Chafes Hague Lambert Solicitors.

1. Serve Notices

Serve the appropriate S8, S21 or other eviction notice telling your tennant why and when they need to leave.

£50 + VAT

2. Rent Arrears Possession

Tenant failing to vacate following a S8 rent arrears notice? Apply to the court for a possession order.

£450 + VAT / + court fee

2. Accelerated Possession

Possession from S21 Notice after expiry of a fixed term tenancy, no court hearing required.

£350 + VAT / + court fee

3. Eviction

Inspection and tenant evicitons uising a county court baliff or high court enforcement officer.

£100 + VAT / + court fee
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Fixed fee property possession legal services from Chafes Hague Lambert Solicitors

Chafes Hague Lambert Solicitors are specialists in helping residential landlords resolve possession claims and recover rent arrears. Our new fixed fee possession service offers you swift action while our long established reputation assures you that your case will be dealt with by a knowledgeable and experienced team of solicitors.